Stop Predicting the Future and Start Creating It

Tawana is the perfect Chief Inspiration Officer for you Growth Track Forward!

Tawana is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She helps women of faith and vision overcome their obstacles so they can …





  • Wake up from the Identity Coma and reclaim their God-given Purpose
  • Embrace their Divine Calling with Confidence and Joy
  • Break free of Limited Beliefs and Low Expectations
  • Fall in Love with their Gifts and Talents
  • Choose Healthy Relationships without the Guilt Trips
  • Enjoy Maximum Abundance, Influence and Peace

Thanks to Tawana’s Life Coaching I now realize my potential and have newfound confidence in myself and my ability to accomplish my goals. Tawana is a True Overcomer in every sense of the word. She’s very passionate about helping her clients elevate their vision and skillfully directs them on practical steps to achieve their dreams.” Carol, Business Owner, Birmingham, AL

 “Before Life Coaching with Tawana I was stuck in regret and a perpetual negative mindset. It was difficult to focus and meet deadlines. Now I have clear direction for my life. I understand what my gifts and talents are and am excited about my future! I now realize God has a great plan for me. I wake up energized and ready to accomplish my goals. I can’t thank her enough!” Gabe, a College Student, Birmingham, AL

“Building a growth plan for our ministry would have been impossible without the incredible coaching received from Tawana! She not only provided guidance with ministry development plans, but in the process inspired me to take new ground in my personal faith walk. Tawana brings unique insight regarding how to get ‘unstuck’ and move forward. I’m so thankful for her leadership!”  Katie, a ministry Leader, Atlanta, GA