How Small Changes Make a Big Difference with Prayer

Four major stumbling blocks that sabotage our prayer experience and the simple life changing steps we can take to overcome them. If prayer is all about relationship building with God, then these 4 Stumbling blocks are relationship killers. They undermine our desire to pray and drive a wedge of frustration between us and our Creator.

The first stumbling block comes from complexity paralysis. They say complexity is the enemy of execution. This is especially true when it comes to prayer because the issues we pray about are usually difficult, stressful or perplexing. They make us feel overwhelmed or confused. Believing we have to “boil the ocean” keeps us focused on the how difficult the issue is, which can tempts us to give up before we even get started. At the very least it creates a sense of inadequacy and sets the stage for total avoidance and emotional paralysis.

The second stumbling block comes when we camouflage our hearts. Basically we hide our true self from God based on unpleasant experiences with people. Those earthly encounters create a prejudice in our hearts and cause us to be afraid of honesty with God. We judge he will treat us the same as people have when we’ve dared to be vulnerable or transparent. It’s just easier to hide than risk rejection, especially from God.

The third is praying with a problem solving mentality. When we pray with the goal of fixing something  it can create an idol for problem solving instead of a desire to experience God whether the problem gets solved or not. The truth is problem solving prayers don’t solve that many problems because they focus on symptoms without getting got root causes.

The fourth comes from praying our agenda on others. This happens when we use ourselves, the principalities of this world and our experiences as the standard to measure others against. Those ideas impact on how we pray for people. It influences our opinions about their situations and circumstances, their personality, decision making and how we present our request to God on their behalf. Maybe you have experienced one or two of these Saboteurs as part of your prayer experience. If so, I completely understand how it feels. The good news is you don’t have to stay there. By making a few simple changes you can overcome the 4 saboteurs and experience consistent success with the most important endeavor of your life. In fact I wrote an entire book about it entitled “5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer.” Here is just a sample of what to do.

Step One: Think Loaves and Fishes. This is the opposite of trying to boil the ocean. It lets us focus on how big God is instead of our inadequacy. It takes the pressure off of us and puts in on the only person who can handle it. Step one will teach you how to gain momentum with prayer and experience encouragement to that your prayers are being heard. Step Two: Be Honest.  This step will help you discover the true upside that comes from being honest with God. You’ll discover how honesty with God brings healing for wounded emotions and lets you move past the fear of rejection while enjoying a stronger connection with the person who loves you most.

5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer will guide you to a brand new way of thinking about prayer. It’s actually the antidote to the stumbling blocks and will help you move from avoidance, frustration and intimidation to prayer the way it was meant to be; enjoyable, engaging, enlightening.  


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